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Seward Principal Search

Seward Principal Search

Seward is in the process of looking for a new Principal for the 2024/2025 school year. 

Snapshot of the process

  1. Position posted (posted April 26, 2024)
  2. Site council meets with district (met May 3, 2024)
  3. Seward community survey (closed May 17, 2024)
  4. Seward parent and staff hiring committee selected (completed May 13, 2024)
  5. Eligible candidates selected by the district and interviewed by the committee (to be completed by end of May)
  6. Committee recommends candidates to the district superintendent 
  7. Final candidate selected by the superintendent
  8. Position offered and accepted and new principal details announced

We hope to have a new principal in place by the start of 2024/2025.

The new principal will hire the assistant principal. In the event that a new principal or a new assistant principal is not named before the start of the school year, an interim will be named for either role. 

May 17 Update

Many thanks to those of you who completed the Seward Community Survey. The Principal Selection Committee has been formed including a good mix of staff and parents representing the diverse needs of our community. Interviews with candidates should be complete by the end of May. 

Next update planned June 7

May 10 Update

A Principal Selection Committee is nearly formed. The committee will consist of 10 people who represent Seward staff (licensed and unlicensed, across CH/E1 and E2), Seward parents, and at least one Seward site council member. Because this committee will be interviewing candidates and offering feedback to the district decision-makers, it is vital that the group reflect the racial/cultural demographics of the school community.

To assist the committee and the district, please complete the Seward Community Survey by May 17. We are hoping to schedule interviews the week of May 20 or May 27.

Next update planned May 17

May 3 update

The site council met today with the associate superintendent to go over the process. We are currently forming the Seward hiring committee and hoping to interview candidates by the end of May. Fill out the MPS survey by May 17 to help communicate our hopes for our next principal.

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